A 22-Year-Old & The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Zack Pace looks out over the Southern Ocean as a 22 year old.

Last week, LinkedIn asked me to write an advice column for the new class of college graduates.  In response, I wrote this lecture to myself, twenty years later:  A 22 Year Old & The Great Ocean Road. It’s currently featured on LinkedIn’s “If I were 22” channel.

Here are the Top Five lessons I wish I understood twenty years ago:

  1. Social Media is the Great Equalizer

  2. Business Isn’t Like a Football Game

  3. Emotion Impacts Our Business Decisions

  4. Business Teams Need Diverse Personalities

  5. Never Stop Studying

  6. Think About Work / Life Balance in Annual or Decade Terms

The full essay is available on LinkedIn.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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