Exploring the irregularities and opportunities in fully insured health plan pricing


By:          Zack Pace, SVP, Benefits Consulting

Over the last nineteen years, I’ve learned that when it comes to fully insured health plan pricing, in order to reach the best financial outcome, one often has to depart from the realm of logic, reason and actuarial principles.

In my latest Employee Benefit News essay, Why a logical approach to health plan design can be financially disastrous, I share:

  1. Why I initially didn’t understand this truth
  2. Why pricing irregularities and implicit financial incentives continue to be commonplace in the fully insured market
  3. The long term financial danger of ignoring pricing anomalies
  4. A recent case study

I hope you find this memoir and case study beneficial. The full essay is available here: Why a logical approach to health plan design can be financially disastrous.

What other benefit topics, trends, and challenges are on your mind? Please let me know, and I’ll write about them in future Employee Benefit News essays.

You can reach me on zpace@cbiz.com or via Twitter. My collection of LinkedIn essays is located here, and my Employee Benefit News articles are available here.

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Zack Pace

Zack Pace, SVP, Benefits Consulting at CBIZ Inc., and his team design, implement, and manage benefits packages that are highly effective at empowering clients to attract and retain the top talent needed in order to outperform competitors, while ensuring that the cost of the overall benefits program and its components are cost-effective.
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