How small businesses can use ‘big data’ (Part 2)


In How small businesses can use ‘big data’ (Part 1), Jim Brummitt, of CBIZ MHM, discussed how “big data” has led to advancements in collection, analytics, prediction and visualization.

In Part 2 of this series, Jim presents a number of case studies which explore the benefit of business analytics.

Case 1: Customer profitability and target analysis
Case 2: Customer scoring model
Case 3: Operational efficiency analysis and process redesign
Case 4: Acquisition and sell-side due diligence service and support

The complete article, How small businesses can use ‘big data’ (Part 2), can be found on the CBIZ channel at We encourage you to check out our channel for this and other useful business insights.

Jim Brummitt can be reached at 301.951.3636 or, and on LinkedIn.

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