What’s the Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received?


By: Zack Pace, SVP, Benefits Consulting


In response to LinkedIn’s call for essays describing the best business advice we’ve ever received, I submitted The Duck Test & 5 Other Favorite Pieces of Advice. I was honored that LinkedIn subsequently featured my essay on their Best Advice Channel! When I arrived home last night, my daughter asked about my day. I told her that an international company determined that my Advice was the Best. She laughed, and said, “Stop joking around, Dad. What did you really do today?”

Here are my six favorite pieces of advice and their source:

  1. A Dollar is a Dollar – My first mentor
  2. Ignore the Training Manual – The SVP at my first job
  3. Only One Person Can Be the Best – My Dad’s boss
  4. “You Already Know What to Do, You’re Just Not Doing It” – Jeffrey Gitomer (1)
  5. Business Decisions & Emotion Don’t Mix – Barry Ritholtz & Maria Izurieta
  6. Use the Duck Test – My Dad

The full essay is available here: The Duck Test & 5 Other Favorite Pieces of Advice. I hope you enjoy it.

You can reach me on zpace@cbiz.com or via Twitter. My collection of LinkedIn essays is located here.


  1. Jeffrey Gitomer,“Time is on your side, as long as you understand it,” (Buy Gitomer, Inc: 2015)



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